一、Introduction to FDA certification

The Food and Drug Administration is one of the executive agencies set up by the U.S. government in the departments of health and human services (DHHS) and public health (PHS).

  1. Ensure that food (other than poultry, poultry and some egg products as defined by the usda) is safe, hygienic, hygienic and labeled to protect public health;To ensure the safety and effectiveness of human veterinary drugs and vaccines and other biological products and medical devices for human use
  2. Protect the public from radiation from electronic products 
  3. Make sure cosmetics and dietary supplements are safely and correctly labeled
  4. Advance public health by helping to accelerate product innovation
三、Scope of FDA certification

The range of FDA regulators is very broad.The FDA's responsibilities are closely tied to those of several other government agencies.Consumers are often frustrated and confused and are identifying the appropriate regulatory agencies to contact.The following is a list of traditional approved product categories that fall under the FDA's regulatory jurisdiction;However, this is not an exhaustive list.In general, FDA rules


Dietary supplement

Bottled water

Food additive

Infant formula

Other foods (although usda has a leading role in regulating certain meat, poultry and egg products)


Color additives in cosmetics and other personal care products

Skin moisturizer and cleanser

Nail polish and perfume


Prescription drugs (both brand and generic)

Over-the-counter (otc)

Medical apparatus and instruments

Simple items like depression and bed covers

Complex techniques, such as pacemakers

Dental equipment

Surgical implants and prosthetics

Biological agents

The vaccine

Blood and blood products

Cell and gene therapy products

Organization and organization products

The allergen

Radiating electronics

The microwave oven

X-ray equipment

Laser products

Ultrasonic therapy equipment

Mercury lamp

Sun lamp

Veterinary products

Livestock feed

The pet food

Veterinary drugs and equipment

Tobacco products


Cigarette tobacco

Cigarettes are their own tobacco

Smokeless tobacco

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