The safety and quality of children's and infant's products are attracting more and more attention. All countries in the world have established various regulations and standards to strictly require the safety of children's and infant's products in their markets.

一.Toy product range:

Plastic toys for children stationery for infants

Soft toys liquid toys dental gum and pacifiers

Wooden toys ride on toy children's jewelry

Battery toys paper (board) toys intellectual instruments

Electronic jigsaw puzzles and puzzles with puzzles art, crafts, gifts

二. National/regional standard main test items
       1.Eu EN 71

        En 71-1 part physical mechanical testing

En 71-2 partial combustion test

En 71-3 migration detection of specific elements (eight heavy metal tests)

En 71-4:1990 +A1 toy safety

En 71-5 toy safety - chemical toys

En 71-6 toy safety age signs

En71-7 requirements for paints

En 71-8 for indoor and outdoor household entertainment

En71-9 flame retardants, colorants, aromatic amines, solvents

       2.The United States ASTM F963

ASTM f963-1 part physical mechanical properties test

ASTM f963-2 part flammability test

ASTM f963-3 testing of some hazardous substances

CPSIA consumer product safety improvement act

California 65 California 65

       3.Canada CHPR physical and mechanical properties test

       Flammability test

       Toxic elements

       Clean test of filling material

       4.Flammability test (textile materials)
        Flammability test (other materials)
        Analysis of toxic elements (heavy metals) 
        Cleanliness test of filling material (visual inspection)
        GB19865 electric toy testing
        5.Japan ST 2002 physical and mechanical properties test
          Combustion test
           Part iii: chemical testing

三.Test items for various toys

1.Children's jewellery test

Lead test

The state of California said 65

Nickel release quantity

EN1811 -- for jewelry and ear pins without electrical cross coating or coating

EN12472 -- for jewelry with electrical cross coating or coating


2.Art material test

Art Materials requirements-lhama (ASTM D4236)


EN 71 Part 7 -- finger paints (European standard)


3.Toy cosmetic test

Toy cosmetics -21 CFR Parts 700 to 740 (American standard)

EEc Directives

Toxicological risk assessment of formulations

Microbiological contamination test (European pharmacopoeia/British pharmacopoeia)

Antimicrobial and anticorrosive efficacy test (European pharmacopoeia/British pharmacopoeia)

Liquid-filled flash point, component evaluation, colony


4.Testing of products in contact with foodstuffs - plastics

The fda requires 21 CFR 175-181 for food-grade plastics


EC - requirements for foodstuffs grade plastics (2002/72/EC)


5.Testing of products in contact with foodstuffs - ceramics

Fda food grade requirements


The state of California said 65


Ec ceramics requirements


Soluble lead and cadmium


Canada dangerous products act


BS 6748


DIN EN 1388


The ISO 6486


Ghost Wipe


Temperature jump test


Dishwasher test


Microwave test


Oven test


Water absorption test


6.Children's appliances and care products to be tested

LEN 1400:2002- children's equipment and care products - pacifiers for infants and young children


Len12586-infant pacifier strap


Len14350:2004 children's appliances and nursing supplies and drinking utensils


Len14372:2004 - children's utensils and nursing supplies - tableware


LEN13209 baby strap test


Safety requirements for lEN13210 baby straps, belts or similar products


Testing for toxic elements in packaging materials


The European Council Directive 94/62/EC, 2004/12/EC and 2005/20/EC


CONEG Legislation (U.S.)


7.Textile testing

Azo dye content in textiles


Washing test (ASTM F963)


Each cycle includes washing/drying/drying tests (American standard)


Colour fastness test


Other chemical tests


Five chlorine phenol




& TBBP TBBP - A - A - bis


Tetrabromo bisphenol a


Chlorinated paraffin


Short chain chlorinated paraffin


Organotin (MBT, DBT, TBT, TeBT, TPht, MOT, DOT)

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