CTB (hereinafter referred to as CTB), the wireless communication detection division was established in May 2014, including a 966 international standard electromagnetic compatibility darkroom, a bluetooth testing laboratory and a number of bluetooth testing equipment.Among them, the wireless communication department is composed of several senior wireless communication technical engineers, and the tested products are various, including bluetooth BT products, wifi products, tablet computers, wireless keyboard/mouse, RFID, wireless transceiver, remote control, wireless intercom, wireless microphone, DECT products, 2G/3G/4G mobile phones and so on.Be able to have the R&TTE certification, the United States FCC ID, BQB, Canada IC ID, TELEC, JET certification in Japan, South Korea KCC certification, IDA certification in Singapore, China council for the wireless SRRC certification, Australia ATICK/CTICK, etc.Rich RF testing and certification experience, many years of EMC work experience, we can better and faster understand the industry's latest information and regulations, in order to adapt to the development trend of electronic products in the future, to meet the domestic and foreign electronic enterprises wireless communication product certification and other requirements.

一.Common wireless products

蓝牙BT产品     无线收发器  无线对讲机 


手机    路由器  鼠标            


二.Test standard range

1. Test applicable standard products

En 301489-1 common technical requirements for rf products for emc testing

En 301489-3 electromagnetic compatibility testing for short range low power rf products

En 301489-7 GSM and DCS product electromagnetic compatibility test

En301489-9 wireless microphones and similar devices, cordless audio and headphone monitoring products

En301489-17 2.4ghz broadband data transmission and 5GHz wireless LAN product emc testing

En 301489-24 WCDMA product electromagnetic compatibility test

En 301489-25CD ma2000 product electromagnetic compatibility test

En301489-34 mobile phone external charger EPS

EN300330 (SRD) short range low power rf product test (operating frequency between 9KHz to 25MHz)

EN300220 (SRD) short range low power rf product test (operating frequency between 25MHz and 1000MHz)

EN300440 (SRD) short range low power rf product test (operating frequency between 1GHz and 40GHz)

EN300328 (DSSS, FHSS) 2.4GHz spread-frequency modulation technology product test

EN301893 IEEE 802.11 a

EN30135725MHz- 2000MHz cordless audio equipment

EN301406DECT products

EN301511 (GSM/GPRS) - wireless testing of GSM and DCS products

En301908-1 /-2 (WCDMA/CDMA2000) wireless test for WCDMA products

En 301908-1/ -4cdma2000 product wireless detection

GSM Repeater EN300 609-4

EN302208RFID products for wireless detection

NCC LP00002 (WLAN) low power rf product test

Electromagnetic compatibility test for NCC PLMN01 (GSM/GPRS) GSM and DCS products

NCC PLMN08 (WCDMA/CDMA2000) imt-2000 CDM/WCDMA product emc test

FCC part15 C/E/F intent radiation device test

FCC part 22 public mobile communications service

FCC part 24 personal communications service

FCC part 25 satellite communications service

FCC part 27 other FCC wireless communications services

FCC part 68 telecommunication terminal equipment

IC RSS 210 intended radiation device test

IC RSS 310 low power intentional radiation device test

IC RSS 132/133 mobile communication product testing

Specific absorption ratio (SAR) test for OET 65/IC RSS 102 /EN50360

Short range AS/NZS 4268.1 at 9KHz~ 25MHz

AS/NZS 4268.2 frequency in 25MHz~ 25GHz short-range devices

AS/NZS 4281 cordless telephone operating at 1.7MHz and 30~40MHz frequency band

SRRC China mainland low power rf products

KCC Korea RF and EMC requirements

TELEC: STD - T33 / T66 W52 W53 / J52 2.4 GHz frequency modulation technology product testing


Us FCC Part 68 Japan JATE eu TBR 21,38

Canada IC ES-03 Taiwan general administration of telecommunications certification of national communications regulations


           2.Electromagnetic absorption rate (SAR test)

FCC OET65 RSS 102EN 50385

EN 50383EN 50364EN 62479

EN 50371EN 62311EN 5060

EN 62209-1和2mep评估


 三.Wireless authentication service

        Testing services
                Wireless communications are conducted according to European ETSI standards, U.S. FCC standards, and other national standards such as those of Australia, China, Singapore, and Japan

Equipment testing

Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test)

Electrical safety and health protection test

Product radiation absorption rate (SAR test)

        Certification services
               Provide CE R&TTE certification service and notice Body certification service for wireless and communication terminal products to enter the European market
                Provide FCC certification services

Provide Canadian IC certification service

Japanese communication products TELEC certification service

China radio transmission equipment model approval certificate SRRC certification service

China Taiwan NCC telecom inspection service

Bluetooth BQB authentication

        Other services

World product certification

Notify the European radio frequency spectrum authority

Consultation service and rectification service

Training services

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